master-vu(초음파진단장비) 도입

민들레안과 민들레안과
2019-02-22 12:23

백내장 수술전후 망막검사 진단장비 도입


The Master-Vu B-Scan provides unparalleled portability and intuitive operation. Capable of capturing both still images and video clips, the Master-Vu provides excellent image resolution with a full set of features including display of A-scan trace across a selectable vector, near-mid-far gain controls, zoom and pan capabilities, multiple measurement functions, annotation, and more.

Usable with laptop, desktop, or tablet PCs, the Master-Vu B-Scan is extremely intuitive and easy to use and has the trusted trademark Sonomed Escalon reliability. Some of the features include:

  • Simple USB connection to most any PC, including tablet touch screen PC's

  • Captures both still image and video clips with on-probe activation switch

  • Frame-by-frame review of video clips provided for selection of optimal images

  • Selectable simultaneous A-scan vector

  • Easy to use measurement calipers for distance and angle measurements

  • Continuous zoom and pan functions Near-mid-far gain, contrast, and TVG controls for optimal diagnostic capability

TheMaster-Vu B-Scan offers extreme portability, and comes with hard-shell padded carrying case, USB cable, and USB memory stick pre-loaded with the Master-Vu software that can be loaded onto multiple computers (three licenses included – contact Sonomed Escalon about obtaining more licenses). A patient database and image library is provided with printing and download capabilities.

The proprietary software differentiates the Master-Vu B-Scan as best-in-class of the most portable B-scan available.