Intraocular lens calculation adjustment after laser refractive surgery using Scheimpflug imaging

J Cataract Refract Surg 2016; 42:226–231

민들레안과에서도 있는 펜타캠과 에이엘 스캔을 이용한 연구입니다.

the Schuster/Schanzlin-Thomas-Purcell (SToP) IOL calculator이란 방법으로 했다지만, 위에 두가지 기계를 이용한 것 외에는 특별하지 않습니다.


“The IOL power, AL, and keratometric data from partial coherence interferometry (PCI) (IOLMaster, Carl Zeiss Meditec
AG) were recorded from operative reports. The standard keratometric index of 1.3375 was used for conversion of
corneal radii. In addition, measurements, including the mean anterior and posterior corneal radius, were recorded
using Scheimpflug imaging (Pentacam HR, software version 1.17r60, Oculus Optikger€ate GmbH) in the 7.0mmzone. Autorefraction
(KW-3000, Topcon Corp.) was performed at least 1 month after cataract surgery.”

이게 핵심인데 결과는 좋았다 입니다.

민들레안과에 있는 기계를 이용하면 정확하네요!!


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